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During pregnancy our posture changes, your core muscles become compromised your pelvic floor muscles can become stressed. We can help you maintain good posture and healthy fitness levels whilst pregnant, or help you retrain you abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and posture post birth.

Third Age Health and Fitness

Menopause can happen at anytime from mid 40’s onwards through to much later on. For some it can be quick and with relatively few symptoms whilst for others the change may me longer and more noticeable. It’s inevitable, there’s not much we can do about it but there is a lot to do to prepare for it, to help us through it, and help us to look after ourselves when we come out the other side.


We may feel differently physically, mentally and emotionally but many women already get that during their menstrual cycle so sort of the same but in a different format! For some the transition starts naturally whilst others may go into forced menopause following hysterectomy and similar surgeries. .


By looking at present lifestyle and how you are currently feeling, we can advise you on physical exercises/ movement, diet, pelvic floor/ core restore work, stress management strategies, and much more,  so that wherever you are hormonally, you can feel your best both physically and mentally. More importantly we will empower you to know how to continue that feeling and really look after you for the future. 


Check out the begiining of our new series Moving Through Menopause . We start with a chat on the Benefits of exercise on Menopause to help you prepare for, go through, and maintain optimal health after. Simply click on the link below:


Or if you'd like to start moving book into one of my brand new Yoga for Menopause sessions.


YOGA FOR MENOPAUSE: ENERGISE  - Saturday 11th December 09:45-11:15


YOGA FOR MENOPAUSE - CALM AND COOL- Sunday 12th December 17:00-18:30



Alison Beadle is a qualified pre-post natal and third age trainer and has successfully trained several clients throughout their pregnancy and helped them to regain their strength and fitness postpartum.   If you need advice on physical activity during your pregnancy please get in touch.  Additionally, you can read her basic tips in the download below.



Pre and Post Natal Training Guidlines
A few tips to keep you safe in your pre and postal natal fitness journey.
NB: Always check with your medical team and seek advice from a qualified fitness professional.
Pre Post Natal Guidelines.docx
Microsoft Word document [14.2 KB]



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General advice:

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