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One of the quickest ways to lose body fat is to cut out refined sugar and starches. Due to medical reasons I was forced to do this in April 2012. I don't eat refined sugar at all now and whilst I go eat a small amount of starchy food such as potatoes and brown rice, my diet is mainly lean clean protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables.


The result has been I'm a stone lighter, that's 2 dress sizes smaller and I feel great. I no longer get slumps from starches and sugars, my immune system is stronger, my skin is better and my energy levels are fantastic.


Clients that now eat the same way have also said the same thing.


If you would like to lose fat and feel better then visit my dedicated website


Or buy my book by clicking on this link. Available as an Ibook, PDF or soft cover,  it's full healthy recipes and tips complete with a fullnutritional breakdown for each recipe.

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