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II've been training with Sid for around 12 months, and he's made a massive difference to my confidence, commitment and technique in the gym. His guidance on diet and nutrition was a huge help at the start of this year when I wanted to step up my muscle gain, and we recently adapted to running remote sessions with no trouble at all. He's always a pleasure to chat to, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to a friend. - Apr 20




have been working with Sid for a while and I am fitter , stronger and happier. Sid tailors his training specifically for the needs and personality of every one of his clients.  It is not one size works all, it is a cleverly designed programme based on his  understanding of  and a discussion with the client on their needs and goals. I find the sessions fun and engaging. Sid knows how to make a difference and he does so with tact and diplomacy. He is a great to work with and the benefits to my wellbeing are huge. - Apr 20






"Working with Sid transformed my life and gave me body confidence which I never thought I could have. Transforming my diet and pushing myself hard in my training gave me a new form of discipline and enabled me to achieve things which I would not have dreamt of achieving. Most of all dropping sugary and unhealthy foods shot my energy levels straight up and I am now able to eat as much as I like and eat much more food than I was able to. Thanks Sid!"

Natalie Chalaby, teacher, 35 years old, lost over 5kg and 15cm in 5 weeks or training pre wedding - Sep 14


Whilst I have no difficulties undertaking cardio-vascular activities, my understanding of strength training was weak.  I was aware that as I approached 50 I was loosing power and speed and succumbing to injury more easily.


I was galvanised into action when I realised that I was the ‘fittest’ member of my family, with an elderly and increasingly frail mother as well as a disabled husband to care for and support.  I booked an initial session with Sid.  This first session was so helpful and, most importantly, enjoyable that I immediately booked another ten sessions.


Sid was immediately empathetic and understanding of my needs and was able to translate these into a programme that continues to keep me healthy and engaged.  I am an easily bored individual and Sid has continued to change things enough to keep me interested.  Additionally, Sid has a great attention to detail and is able to ascertain my strengths and weaknesses and adjust my technique.  His manner is respectful  and authoritative and I have really appreciated all the guidance I have been given.  Thank you Sid for all your hard work.


V Moriarty, Mar 14



When I first started having PT sessions with Sid I was so malcoordinated I couldn't even stand on one foot without falling over. 2 years later with his patient encouragement I am now a fully fledged exercise convert and am stronger, fitter, healthier and happier than ever- as well as 2 dress sizes smaller. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any one wanting to Live Well and Be Happy!


Shamita - Feb 14



I trained with Sid aiming to achieve some weight loss, healthy eating plan and general fitness I made a significant improvement in fitness, reduced body fat by 5%. Most importantly though it helped change my attitude towards excersise. I was training in the lead up to going on tour for 2 months and I was able to maintain a routine while I was away. I really enjoyed the weights training. I developed a sick appreciation for interval training.

There was never a day that I was dreading our sessions. I always looked forward to training.  You guys rock!!!
J Capelle


Thanks so much for all your insight. The pics and info you have sent are really helpful too.

A Jones


Just wanted to say thanks Alison, for all your help last year, getting me back into shape after my third baby. I have now lost 2.5 stone since he was born. And am loving having my figure back. I thought it would not be possible after 3 children. Your motivation over the months helped me enormously. I think a few times I might have given up without you!

Lucy xx -


I have been doing the programme at least once a week and trying to get to pump. 
I think its making a difference. Also have been doing a little more interval work,
which seems to be improving my times. Thanks heaps for the link you sent with the pictures, very easy to follow!  Thanks again 



I just wanted to say thankyou for such excellent classes. I came to
your 'legs bums and tums' class on the advice of my pilates teacher when I asked
her for help training to climb a mountain.I’m reasonably strong but my teacher
suggested a legs bums and tums class was the perfect combination to increase
both my cardio-vascular fitness and my leg strength.

Well, I thought of you and your motivational Saturday mornings as I made my way
up all 4000 metres of Mount Kinabaluin Borneo. I was really pleased with my time
but, as importantly, I really enjoyed the experience, and know that it was your
class – and all those squats and lunges!- that got me fit enough to do it,
so thank you very much!

Zoe Gillard

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