prenatal and post natal fitness
prenatal and post natal fitness

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Whether you are just begining your journey or are a new Mum we are here to help you.


During pregnancy our posture changes, your core muscles become compromised your pelvic floor muscles can become stressed. We can help you maintain good posture and healthy fitness levels whilst pregnant, or help you retrain you abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and posture post birth.


Key guidelines for pre natal training:

Always get medical clearance from your GP/ Midwife that it is safe for you to exercise


Never exercise if you haven't eaten


Stay well hydrated


Know your limits, you need to be training to maintain health and fitness and prepare your body for birth, so you don't need to push yourself to the limit. 


Never exercise with a temperature


Avoid abdominal crunches, there are plenty of ways to work your core more effectively

More more pelvic floor, get your pelvic flor muscles in shape before the birth and it will help you towards the end of your pregnancy and with your recovery after.


Be cautious of moves where you step out wide and deep. Due to the pregnancy hormones released your pelvis amongst other areas of your body may be slightly more unstable which could cause you discomfort.


If something feels uncomfortable or doesn't feel right when you are exercising, listen to your body, stop. 


Key guidelines for post natal training:

Don't start until your've had your 6 week check and been cleared to exercise by a medical professional. By all means, go for a walk, do pelvic floor exercise, be mobile, but give your body a chance to heal. Those that have had a C section or complications may need to wait a little longer before starting to exercise


Start with gentle exercise and gradually build up your fitness


Focus on retraining your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and posture before you move on to heavy lifting, moderate to high intensity exercise. Pilates, post natal yoga, or any post natal classes are always a good start.


Wear the right clothing - a good supportive sports bra, right footwear for what you are doing. NB: trainers with a small heel will tilt your pelvis forward, the chances are that with baby weight and pelvic instability, your pelvis will already be slightly tilted forward anyway, so if you are doing low or no impact exercises (which are advisable at the start) wear the flatest trainers possible or train bare foot so you can stand taller and in better alignment.


Never exercise on an empty stomach


Stay hydrated


Know your limits, if you feel tired rest, don't over exert yourself, your body has just done the most amazing thing. You have done the equivalent of running a marathon or completeing an iron woman, give yourself some time to rest and recover. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.


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